Welcome to Vital Force Acupuncture

Welcome to Vital Force Acupuncture! My name is Laurie Hill and I specialize in a type of acupuncture known as Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture.  As a practitioner with over twenty-three years of experience in this system of medicine, my role is to assist nature in helping others heal themselves. 

“Vital Force” refers to the life energy that is known as qi (chi, pronounced as chee), which flows within us and is inherent in all living things.  It is a force of nature!  When we are healthy, we show it through our vitality.  When ill, we obviously lack strength and vitality. This can be seen as a deficiency in our vital energy or life force, and shows up in how we look, feel, and act.  Qi flows throughout our bodies and can be improved and enriched through acupuncture treatment, which in turn allows us to heal ourselves.  This vital life energy can be accessed through inserting acupuncture needles in specific points along the meridian pathways that will enhance the flow of qi, and create better health. 

Only Nature Heals
In this system of medicine the acupuncturist is a vehicle for healing to occur, rather than the one who is doing the healing.  We all have within us the innate ability to heal ourselves. Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture utilizes this fundamental law of nature. 

What is Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture?

Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine based on natural principles used in ancient China for over 3000 years.  I practice in the Worsley tradition, one of the most complete, comprehensive, and far-reaching systems of medicine in the world.