What Are the Five Elements?

The five elements can be seen as five different sources of energy found in nature and inside of us. Each of the internal organs and functions of the body are associated with one of the five elements, and manifest not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When in balance, we express the elements naturally and appropriately. When out of balance, our expression of them may feel a bit jarring, and will manifest inappropriately. We all have a primary imbalance within one element called the Causative Factor. The imbalance in this element causes all of the other elements to weaken as well, and gives our life a certain emphasis. It has taken the brunt of stress we have suffered throughout life, and shows up in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual signs of distress.

In diagnosis and treatment, my focus is to observe how a patient expresses the elements and discern which one needs nourishing and strengthening the most. It is like finding the key that unlocks the door. By treating the causative factor and nourishing the element that is the cause of imbalance, the primary stress is removed. Once health is restored, all systems of the body can work together and do their jobs more efficiently. 

Nature as our Teacher – The Five Elements

“Nature is our greatest teacher!  You can’t learn this medicine from books.  You must go out in nature and observe the elements at work.  Look at a tree in all of its majesty!  Look at the structure of the tree, the height, breadth, trunk, branches, leaves, and roots spreading deeply into the ground.  It is so beautiful when you truly see the tree for all that it is, that you will be in awe and cry with joy.”  Prof. J.R. Worsley