Symptoms & Main Complaint

While two people may suffer from the same complaint, such as asthma or migraines, the energetic imbalance causing the trouble is certainly different for each of them. Equally different are the circumstances that led to the imbalance. Once the extent and development of the person's energetic imbalance is understood, treatment can be planned specifically for that person to help restore his or her overall state of health. 


As a WFEA practitioner, I do not treat one’s symptoms. I treat the person as a whole. Symptoms are a reflection of a deeper imbalance. In the words of Prof. J.R. Worsley,
"In this system of medicine, we don't treat diseases. We treat people who happen to have diseases. There are as many different kinds of diseases as there are people. Therefore, no two people are treated the same."

This is the approach that the Worsley Five-Element Acupuncturist takes towards healing.

Once the root cause of disease is addressed through treatment, balance is restored and the symptoms greatly decrease or often disappear entirely. If we live within moderation and enjoy a healthy life-style, an occasional treatment is all that is needed to maintain optimum health. For health maintenance, five seasonal treatments per year are recommended. 

Any person may be helped by acupuncture. In cases where life energy has deteriorated too far to effect a cure, the disease can still be arrested and the pain alleviated, so the person may be able to lead a reasonably normal life. 

There are some cases where a condition can be dealt with more quickly by Western medicine. In such cases, I will recommend you contact a physician. 

What Are Symptoms?

Our symptoms are like red light indicators on the dashboard of our car, letting us know that something on a deeper level is out of whack. 

A Tune-up

“We are so good about taking our cars in for a tune up or oil change when a light comes on indicating a need to service our car. But we are so hesitant and often non-responsive to the signals that our bodies give us that say we need to take ourselves in for a tune up, which could prevent further health problems down the road!” 

- Prof. J.R. Worsley